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Aerators keep the water flow of faucets from splashing about when you turn the faucet on. They contain a metal screen circle that does the job.

Ideally, the water then has a lovely circular flow of combined air and water. Sometimes, the water stream is shaky or crooked. It happens when the metal screen has become partially clogged.

You can remove the screw-on device that holds the screen and use a toothpick to unclog holes. Or put the screen in vinegar to soak overnight.

If that doesn't work, a new screw-on device costs only about $5.

The aerator is an environmentally friendly device. It limits water flow by mixing it with air.

How to store candles

Put your candles in a dark, cool, dry place. Light causes their colors to fade. Heat can make the candles warp, and moisture will make the wicks difficult to light.

Go green at the supermarket

Most shoppers have accumulated two or more tote bags designed for grocery shopping. But they leave them at home. Make it more likely you will use them.

  • * Put a couple of totes in the back seat or trunk of your car.
  • * Buy brightly colored, washable bags so you will notice them, usually available at stores and flea markets for about $1.

Help to protect the environment by avoiding bag waste.

About Our Company

Nicole’s TLC Cleaning is a full service residential cleaning company that operates in the Plymouth/Canton areas.

Services include: deep cleaning, recurring cleaning, move in-out cleanings and post renovations cleaning.

Owner, Nicole Bernath, has been in the cleaning industry for over 23 years, and she feel it's important provide cleaning services that place the utmost importance on the health and safety of their clients and employees. For that reason, she is active participants in the industry association ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association.

I hope you enjoy this month's newsletter!

Nicole Bernath

Nicole's TLC Cleaning

Whoop it up on Arbor Day

Perhaps you thought Arbor Day was an austere kind of a day devoted to all things serious about trees. And to a large extent, it is.

But did you know Arbor Day is also a great time to party with trees? Why not try this fun tree project with your family and friends: Make a tree famous.

Find a majestic tree in your town and make it famous -- or at least try. The best way is to make an official submission to, which keeps a database of fantastically large trees by state.

The rules require you to measure the height and width of a tree, its crown spread and find the 'points.' This can be done with a 100-foot tape measure and yard stick, believe it or not. This measuring technique, described on the site, would be a good trigonometry lesson for high schoolers. Short cut: You can also use a smartphone these days to make the calculations with apps like Theodolite. Your tree publicity efforts will also require you to take photos, get a GPS location, and find the scientific and common name of the species.

The state natural resources department usually has a database of big area trees. You could also try submitting your tree there.

Thanks a Bunch...

“Tabitha and Megan are a perfect team. They are well organized, friendly, positive attitudes and timely. They quickly established a rapport with us. They recognize the vital role of customer service.”.

Jim & Lynn S.

Plymouth, MI

Quality Control Time!

During the months of April and May, our field supervisor Janet, will be out and about providing inspections for your home. We are pleased that we are able to provide this service to our valued clients.

Eggs are a traditional symbol of Easter and they are just as likely to be found hidden outside under a tree as they are on the table at an Easter brunch.

According to the History channel, Easter eggs can be traced back in Christian tradition to the 13th century and are thought to represent Jesus' resurrection and emergence from the tomb. Other historians suggest that because they were a forbidden food during Lent, the people would decorate them to eat on Easter in celebration of the end of the fasting period.

This recipe for deviled eggs from Food Republic uses beet juice to provide an extra level of flavor and color to the whites, helping them resemble Easter eggs. Once finished, these eggs will taste just as good as they look!


  • 2 serrano peppers, divided
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1.5 cups sugar
  • 2 small beets, peeled and sliced
  • 3 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 2 tablespoons whole black peppercorns
  • 1 tablespoon kosher salt
  • 12 large hard-boiled eggs, peeled
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon-style mustard
  • 1 tablespoon Sriracha sauce
  • Mild curry powder or smoked paprika for garnish, optional


  • 1. Halve one of the serrano peppers lengthwise, keeping the seeds. Place the pepper in a large saucepan and add the water, vinegar, beets, sugar, garlic, peppercorns, salt, and bay leaves. Bring the mixture to a boil over high heat, then reduce to low. Simmer until the beets are tender, about 20 minutes. Remove the saucepan from the heat and let cool to room temperature.
  • 2. Carefully add the eggs to the beet liquid and refrigerate for at least six hours. Take them out of the liquid and let them dry completely.
  • 3. Cut the dried eggs into halves lengthwise and remove all of the yolks.
  • 4. Place the yolks into a mixing bowl and arrange the whites on a serving platter. Add the mayonnaise, olive oil, Sriracha, and mustard to the yolk, mixing and mashing thoroughly. Then, fill the egg whites with the mixture. Slice the last pepper into rounds and use one to top each deviled egg. Sprinkle with paprika, smoked paprika, or curry powder, if desired.

Referral Cleaning Discounts!

Do you know someone that could use our services? Perhaps a friend, family member, co-worker, or someone from church?

When a new client signs up for regular cleaning services at your recommendation; you will receive $30 after their 4th cleaning!

If you would think of 3 or 4 people that could use our services, then don’t hesitate to call them and give them our name and phone number. Be sure to have them mention your name when they call so we can send you discounted cleanings.

Thanks in advance for your help and we look forward to sending discounts your way!